Flooded Basement and Sewage Cleanup in Illinois and Missouri

Sewage backups may be unsettling and dangerous. If you’ve experienced a pipe burst or have standing water in your home or office, allow Pro Restore Now to handle the situation. Sewage backups can smell repugnant and contain harmful bacteria. Our professional cleanup and sanitation services will restore your property, health, and safety. A sewage backup needs to addressed as soon as possible. Our technicians are prepared 24/7 to inspect and reduce any possible damage.

Targeting the Source of the Problem

When water backwards into your home or office from a faucet, toilet, appliance, etc., a sewage backup has occurred. This backup is usually caused by a blockage, pipe burst, or flooding.

• Pipe Blockage: Pipe blockages can be caused by tree roots, plastic, toilet paper, or other insoluble products. Pressure buildup sends water in the opposite direction and back into your home.
• Pipe Burst: When tree roots extend far into the ground in search of water, they can pierce pipes. As the root continues to grow and thicken, it can send water back into your home or cause pipe burst.
• Flooding: When your home or office floods, the water pressure changes causing sewage lines to flow backwards into your property.

How to avoid sewage backups

• Do not flush paper down the drain. Some paper items never fully dissolve in the water, leaving behind a pulpy mess that will clog under the right conditions
• Do not pour grease down the drain. Grease may be liquid after cooking and is easy to pour down the drain. However, grease will solidify when it cools down. Over time, this grease residue will line the walls of your pipes and reduce their width. Thus, your drain capacity will decrease and can bring about other problems.
• Invest in grates for your drains. Grates in sinks and drains are simple solution to prevent clogs. Make sure to clean the drain and dispose of any buildup.

We know the feeling all too well, you descend your basement stairs only to find your next step lands you in a pool of water.

Water is a tricky beast, following the path of least resistance, locating cracks, holes and weaknesses in walls and flooring. While flooding can occur from leaky or broken pipes, prolonged or recurring basement flooding can be the result of:

  • Heavy rains
  • Faulty or failing sump pumps
  • Improper drainage or blocked drainage systems

Pro Restore Now professionals are highly trained in diagnosing the problem, and offering expert restoration advice that ensures you never have to deal with a flooded basement again.

We employ a tried and true methodology to fix sewer backups and remove basement flood water including:

  • Removal of water, sewage and moisture
  • Removal of contaminated carpet, flooring and furnishings
  • Sanitization of flooring, structure and furnishings
  • Professional grade ventilation fans

We target the source of the problem:

Whether a blockage, burst pipe, improper drainage or other cause, we work quickly to diagnose, resolve and repair the underlying problem and work with you to implement tactics that will help prevent issues in the future.

Quick Tips:

  • Refrain from flushing paper products down the drain
  • Do not discard grease down drains (grease creates sticky residue that clogs pipes)
  • Invest in drain grates to filter out large objects from going down the sink

When it comes to basement flooding, you have to act fast. Time wasted can often mean additional damages, costs and frustration. We take your inquiries very seriously. That’s why when you call us, our friendly sales reps are there to help, night or day, big or small.

We understand the stress, anxiety, anger and panic that can be caused by unexpected damage to your home or business. We’re here to help you get things back to normal as quickly and as stress free as is possible.

Our goals are to help you get back to pre-damage conditions quickly, comfortably and affordably.