Certified Water Damage Restoration Services in Illinois and Missouri

When water enters your home or office, time is of the essence. No matter when disaster strikes, contact Pro Restore Now. We will dispatch a team to your residence, and our certified technicians will quickly conduct a professional inspection and damage assessment. Whether the damage is at home or the office, our team will restore your property to its original state or even better. From storm flooding to broken pipes, our professionals have the talent and equipment to quickly extract the water from every inch of your property. Once all traces of water have been eliminated, we will conduct a thorough dry-out, dehumidification, and sanitation of the area. Without proper cleanup, mold and bacteria can invade your home or office. We clean up services will eliminate the threat of these harmful microbes, ensuring overall safety and peace of mind. No matter how bad the initial flooding, our company is committed to minimizing the costs water damage and reaching full restoration.

Flood Water Restoration Process
1. Contact Remediate 24/7
2. Professional inspection
3. Water removal
4. Thorough drying and dehumidification
5. Microbial removal and sanitation
6. Restoration

When it comes to water damages, prompt attention is critical to reducing further damages, preventing mold, and helping you get back to normal as quickly as possible. In fact, addressing water damages quickly can often result in a savings up to 15-40% on damage claim costs.

Using state of the art techniques, and equipment designed to cost effectively dry, dehumidify, deodorize and disinfect, we help you get back to your life with minimal intervention and disruption in your already hectic schedule.

Always respectful, professional and safety oriented, our team will treat your home or office with the respect and care it deserves, from handling your furniture to dealing with expensive collectibles or family heirlooms we’ll take the utmost care.

Urgency & Compassion

Disruption of life is frustrating. Even more so when that disruption includes dealing with damages to your home or property. But recognizing these damages early on can make all the difference in getting your life back to normal in no time flat. It can also save you thousands in repair costs.

Our experts know firsthand the trauma and stress that comes with dealing with losses from water damages, and we’re highly sensitive to your needs. You can count on us to minimize the impact this disaster will have on your home and family.

Simple Explanations & Accurate Assessments

Home damage is a personal thing. It often brings up emotions of helplessness and despair…sometimes rage. We have been there and understand what you’re going thru. That is why we take the time to clearly explain the process we work thru, what to expect and what they can do to help.

Our assessments are top notch, identifying and calculating the full extent of moisture damage (both visible and what lies beneath the surface). This step is vital to ensuring we address ALL the moisture damages in your home, and is a critical step to ensuring your home doesn’t suffer from a secondary mold infestation.

Some steps we take to help your home recover include:

  • Humidity and temperature management systems
  • Facilitation of natural evaporation
  • High speed drying
  • And more…